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Polyglot poem in English, Urdu, and Romanised Urdu (for Hindi Readers)


I was kind
you took it for granted
I gave my everything to you
you took it for granted
I did for you what others wouldn’t
you took it for granted
I didn’t leave you when others did
you took it for granted
I shared honest feedback what others couldn’t
you took it for granted

Enough is enough
Farewell, my mean friend
this is our relationship’s ‘the end’.


میں مہربان تھا تم نے پرواہ ہی نہ کی میں نے اپنا سب کچھ تمہارے لیے لٹا دیا تم نے پرواہ ہی نہ کی میں نے وہ بھی کیا جو دوسروں نے…

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A love poem

Today as I turned 80, my queen
having you with me
I still feel 19

Your tired eyes are very green
telling stories of all those places
where you and I have been

Your heavenly touch
reminds me I’m alive
and I love you very much

Your lips still taste the same
and bring back memories of our first kiss
when high was our passion’s flame

When I look at your smiling visage
the universe stops moving
and my heart sways

If I were alone, my life would be in vein I’d be a living dead and there will only…

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A ‘Manager and Employee chat’ while working from home

Characters in this conversation are fictional, and no, this did not happen to me.

Manager (types this to his ‘subordinate’ on a chat tool around 4 PM):
- Did you check the email I sent you?
- (calls the employee, who doesn’t pick up)
- Hey, why are you not responding?
- It’s super important, get back to me.

Employee (after 5 minutes) replies on the chat:
- Hi, I’m sorry I missed your call and the email you sent 5 minutes ago, I went to the loo.
- I’m here now. …

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A rant

and if you still do, talk to me, I’m that kind of guy who never wants to offend anyone — even his enemies (I don’t even have any enemy)

I have a manufacturing fault — I always try to speak / chat with people in their language even if I don’t know much about their language. And, I do my research to know what their language is.

I grew up speaking four languages daily. Saraiki at home, Punjabi in my neighbourhood, Urdu/Hindi with friends, and English at school. After graduation, I moved to Pakistan’s capital city, where I met people who spoke Pashto, Sindhi, Pothwari, and Afghani Dari. …

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Poetry Sunday

He, the scorching summer’s heat
she, a niveous winter gleam
this is no match, they said
the differences are extreme

look at his family, they are so poor
different language, culture, cast, status
and everything that’s in between
go find a better match, and don’t create a fuss

but, I know he’s the one for me — my soulmate
she pleaded with tears rolling down her face
his family are simple but a noble bunch
why they have to be like us or filthy rich, it’s not a race

what will we say to the world that we gave our…

Salam Khan

A gypsy soul 🇦🇺🇵🇰🇦🇪🇲🇾

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