Image by Wardono

At 80, With You I Still Feel 19

Today as I turned 80, my queen
having you with me
I still feel 19

Your tired eyes are very green
telling stories of all those places
where you and I have been

Your heavenly touch
reminds me I’m alive
and I love you very much

Your lips still taste the same
and bring back memories of our first kiss
when high was our passion’s flame

When I look at your smiling visage
the universe stops moving
and my heart sways

If I were alone, my life would be in vein
I’d be a living dead and
there will only be misery and pain

So my love, don’t leave me behind
please take me with you when you depart
as without you, I’ll lose my mind

A gypsy soul 🇦🇺🇵🇰🇦🇪🇲🇾

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